acquiescence vs. allegiance

do you remember?
sun-dappled days, sprawled on the polyester carpets of middle school, paging through piles of amateurish poetry and prose;
all invariably describing some fallen rose petal or ballerina’s pliè.

do you remember?
us matching down to the labels on the back of our chestnut jeggings, evergreen-striped shirts, and torn-up old boots, perhaps bought that way. two ponytails swinging down halls together; matching laughter trailing be- hind.

do you remember?
legs swinging off the harbor dock, fall’s cold breeze sweeping in, chatting about some old crush or another, we’ve long joking about how I never make eye contact.

do you remember?
white dresses, floating on the slightly damp breeze of new May days, cupcake-spattered bodies, soaked in rainwater and coca cola, newly-minted children chasing each other down the street.

will you remember?
in some apple-smelling, New England liberal arts college,
with roommates and study buddies and a plethora of people more pertinent than me,
when you’re a stranger to whoever you were at thirteen.

every year, all our recollections occupy a smaller percentage of your memory as you collect a thousand new experiences to hold close.
am I worth remembering?

Post written by AnneMarie Caballero

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