A Song

[Verse 1]
Everyone’s got a dream that they’re trying to make real. We’re all trying to make progress spin its wheels.

Be it to save liberty, and justice for all,
or stop the gunfire that rings through the streets.
Some take a higher place, and let the hammer fall.
Others take the bottom and try to make the ends meet.

We’re all dreaming while we’re wide awake,
and freedom will never be forsaken.

I’m in America dreaming,
don’t wake me up.
I’m in America dreaming,
in God I trust.
I’m in America dreaming,
where love’s more than a feeling.
I’m in America dreaming,
and I’ll never stop believing.

[Verse 2]
Do you want to be an outlaw that plays by his own rules?
Do you want to be a cutthroat man that uses people like his tools?

Or be a soldier sent to fight for us,
take on the world so we can all be free.
And so what if it looks like a great disgust,
It’s our mess, the way we want it to be.


And after it all, what lessons did we learn?
That if some good was lost, at least more bad was burned.
It’s the American way to keep fighting another day.
It ain’t perfect, but that’s how dreams are made.


Written by Timothy App

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