We are the people who adjust to new life.
We are the world that loves reform.
We are aware of the true picture,
Observe beyond the small things.
See the generosity and love.
Crush the enmity a thousand times.
We leave hate behind.
We shun our old ideas,
And we always move forward.
We the people now
But have we really
We the people consistently have
Been stuck in the same pattern,
Approved our old ways.
We have joined hands with hate
Even when we attempt to crush it a thousand times.
Blinded by greed and envy,
We have a narrow outlook on life.
Neglectful of the things that matter,
The world struggled to change.
We the people have not
But we are always
We the people are changing.
The world grows with speed,
People caring about others’ needs.
We are looking over the wall
And building a bridge together.

Post written by Katharine Burgess

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