Life’s Song

Blurry faces stand around, their voices
fading in and out, all listening to her pulse.
The one thing she can hear is her heartbeat,
Drowning everything else, it encompasses her,
Producing a clear, overwhelming rhythm,
and the rhythm was calm – nature’s way of composing.

But it was not always calm.
Like all great composers before
The tempo changed in pace creating
An ever flowing and beautiful melody.
She lay numb recalling those moments.

Dancing in her backyard, her father arrives home.
Running to him she feels a surge of happiness, then her heartbeat slowed,
She was safe in his arms.
Then running home alone in the dark, heart beating so fast
as she looks over her shoulder. The one thing keeping her alive,
warning her of dangers. Scared for her life she runs on.
Her pace stays steady then
She meets the man she is going to marry,
Her heartbeat so strong it seems to be
Screaming this is what you’ve been searching for!
But he dies, and life loses excitement
Her heart beats slow and soft, just enough so she knows
That even though it’s broken, her life will carry on.
Life moves slower now; her rhythm hasn’t changed for years.


“Funny”, she thinks “Life is supposed to flash before my eyes,
but I am listening to a song”
A song she knew had reached its climax,
A song with many ups and downs
A song where she felt the fullest in love,
And yet the farthest from it.
Beat. Beat. Beat. Beat.
Her song has ended.

Post written by Olivia Hays

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