Ocean Eyes

Your eyes remind me of the ocean
I know they’re not blue
That’s true
But I notice how they’re in motion
They change but stay the same
Your emotions are to blame
Because they change faster
than the tide
And like a conceited sea captain
You feel like you’re the master
Who knows how it’s going to be
What’s going to happen
You forget that it’s more of a ride
I’m this way too
At this point
Am I talking about you
Or about me
I have no clue
Because you and I are joint
Together, forever
We’re two tiny droplets
In this ocean of love
But we’re still above
it all
Ready to fall
I don’t know how much of a
Ripple we’ll make
And if we’ll disappear in a blink
But for our sake
You can never make the call
Until it’s done
But all I can say
Is I think
Two is better than one

Post written by Thomas Tran

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