Sunrise Symphony

Listen to the sunrise
For you might just hear day’s song
Blinking wide her new eyes,
And you’ll want to sing along.

Past the sound of insects crying
And the creak of tree limbs low,
There’s the call of night goodbying,
Dawn’s curtain closing moon’s bright show.

Some complete these sounds with speakers –
Soundcloud welcoming the morn,
But for all the beauty seekers,
Much more music may be borne:

There’s the bird that chirps so sweetly
As he greets the morning sun;
The pitter-patter – though discreetly –
Of some sneakers on their run.

Hear the breeze just whisper softly
As the airplanes roar along;
Add the splashing of your coffee –
Seems the world has nothing wrong.

Catch the water gently waving,
Laughing soft against the shore;
The sunrise symphony’s amazing –
I could never want for more.

Post is a work in progress by Ms. Meredith Tombs

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