Welcome to Cambridge Road, Bishop Ireton High School’s literary magazine!

The posts are divided into different categories ranging from poetry and written reflections to art. The literary magazine consists of content contributed by both students and faculty members. All at Bishop Ireton are welcome to submit, and no individual receives special preference. Posts are approved by editors and Ms. Steg. Previous editions can be found on the editions page.

So, explore and enjoy!



2018-19 editorial team

Editor-in-Chief: AnneMarie Caballero ‘19

Marketing and Webpage Design: Gaby Garcia ’20

Content Editors:

’19: Abigail Abraham, Meg Bonilla, Javier Chiriaboga, Andrew Holland, Claudia Klink, Mia Olson, Elizabeth Riccio

’20: Caroline Keir, Kathleen McNerney, Melissa Nguyen, Franky Padilla Coo, Trey Pallace

’21: Samantha Lee, Maryclaire O’Brien

’22: Isabella Smith