Not once do we glance back, for we are always ready, always waiting The invisible hand can claim us now. We are caught unawares The adventure we seek is but the next task, One that starts this inevitable journey Never forget it, never can leave it. A constant companion, not ever fleeting It never truly … Continue reading Sight

Autumn Air

The autumn air Waking up from Its long rested slumber Its gentle brush tells me It means no harm Before it drifts away; And without a care Floating on whims, Drifts past fields of lumber And unoccupied fields Where cows used to graze Bleary patches in a lemon chiffon haze If only we could explore … Continue reading Autumn Air


16 is confusing the clock, keeping one foot on your front porch, and letting the other hit the gas. recarving the lines on your forehead adding. (because he wants you to) erasing. (because you heard what she said) It’s wanting more than you can have. realizing that your hazel eyes are brown and still wishing … Continue reading 16